Carpet color and model options

The usage of LineDeck carpets in boats

LineDeck carpets can be set up on the bottoms and decks on boats of all sizes. The carpets are available with different kinds of patterns and color combinations.
The model options of LineDeck carpets are the classically elegant ”Stripe” and the modern ”Diamond”; also other special patterns are available.

In addition to traditional one-color designs you can also choose a combination of different colors or a teak-lookalike design.

You can make the carpets of an approximately 6 m (19.7 ft) boat out of a 120 x 150 cm (3.9 x 4.9 ft) LineDeck carpet.

The profile of a LineDeck carpet

The surface of a LineDeck carpet is slightly harsh and clear-tracked, due to which the carpet is solid and secure also when wet.

LineDeck — Classic

The ”LineDeck — Classic” design is classically elegant and resembles the board-setting of a wooden boat deck. The ”Classic” carpet is available in different combinations of primary colors and primers, and also as teaklookalike designs in different shades of color. Only one size option of the ”Classic” model is available; 120 x 240 cm.

LineDeck Basic

Available size 90 x 230 cm.