Carpet installation guide

  1. Measure and draw the model pieces of the bottom of your boat on a cardboard
  2. Cut the right-sized pieces (as on the cardboard) of the carpet with a utility knife — the model is drawn on the bottom of the carpet on a glue ark, so remember the effects of a mirror image)
  3. Clean the bottom of the boat carefully before sticking the carpet
  4. Start the gluing by removing about a 5 cm (2 inches) piece of the cover paper of the glue ark from the border of the carpet
  5. Put the carpet on its place and remove the cover paper by pulling it gently while you stick on the carpet


  • If you want to, you can also add weatherproof silicone on the borders of the carpet to finish up the result
  • If you have to, you can free the carpet by heating up the glue surface with a heat blower